Dr. Hilo cosmetics" is one of the leading Jordanian companies in the world of natural products; we have developed increasingly to compel
and build storytelling reputation in order to create gorgeous ,hilarious fascinating wide range of natural products with unique quality and vitality

putting all this in the hands of clients to enjoy an excellent, healthy, shining hair and vital complexions with an unmatched mix of craft and emotion.

Dr. Hilo Company brought imagination to life—literally and beautifully—to make distinguished products. We have utilized Jordanian natural treasures such as Jordan valley plants, holy land flowers and herbs, Dead Sea minerals, and high mountains that contain the high quality of olive oil.

We are proud to be the foremost cosmetic Jordanian company that gets an approval of Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) to label our products :
as "natural products", our products are distinguished in a highest allowed ratio of natural active ingredients are imported from pronounced Spain Company "Provital" group.
We are benefited from an aromatherapy in best formula with the essential oils. We are proud of our experts are using only natural organic ingredients such as cold compressed oils, natural soap and glycosides, Dead Sea mud and minerals.